National Age-Group Development Squads

Age-group Development Squads are named based on current performance and future potential, and operate within a two-year cycle. Athletes are included after Talent Identification processes at state-level and national-level competitions (e.g. Schools Cup) and involve input from (but not limited to) Volleyball Australia appointed Age-Group Head Coaches, Australian Volleyball Academy coaches, State Volleyball Organisations and State-based Volleyball Academies. These squads form the basis of invitations for camps and tours that are relevant to each age-group. New talent identified throughout the year may also be invited to development opportunities.


For more information on the development opportunities relevant to each age-group squad for 2020, please see the 2020 Junior Development Program Calendar.

Current Age-Group Development Squads

The following age-groups and coaching appointments are for the current cycle - 2018-2020 . Athletes who are named in each development squad are notified of their inclusion via email from the Junior Development Program Coordinator.


Information about the current and future age-group cycles can be found below.


For further information on the National Age-Group Development Squads, please contact the Junior Development Program Coordinator here.