Junior Development Program

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Welcome to Volleyball Australia's Junior Development Program page. On this page, you will find information relevant to the development of under-age volleyball athletes in Australia, as well as coach development opportunities. Please use the link below to access more information about the Junior Development Program.

Program Overview


The Junior Development Program is a national camp and international development tours based program for targeted volleyball and beach volleyball athletes from across Australia underpinned by State-led talent identification and development programs.

The Junior Development Program is underpinned by the Australian Volleyball Academy and a federation of elite development programs and volleyball academies across Australia. The Australian Volleyball Academies are located at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in Canberra for the integrated program, and at the South Australian Institute of Sport in Adelaide for Beach Volleyball.


The program continuously produces an experienced pool of international quality players capable of sustaining a professional volleyball career and suitable for selection as a senior Volleybroo. In addition to the identification and development of future Volleyroos, the Junior Development Program also supports the broader development of volleyball talent and the promotion of volleyball as a sport of choice across the country. A complimentary purpose of the Junior Development Program is to provide a structured coach development program to grow the coaching talent in Australia. 


Volleyball Australia uses the FTEM (Foundations, Talent, Elite, and Mastery) Framework to assist in the reviewing, planning, and supporting of athlete pathways within volleyball. This framework has been developed by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and has been adapted by Volleyball Australia to enhance our vision and strategic goals for the future. More information on the FTEM Framework can be found on the Australian Institute of Sport website (https://ais.gov.au/ftem).


More information on the Purpose, Aims, and Principles of the Junior Development Program can be found here in the Junior Development Program Overview.