We have been following closely the developments around the Coronavirus outbreak in China, and its incidence overseas, as has the AIS.

The AIS has a link with relevant information which is being regularly updated. Please see:


We should emphasise that it is a decision for each individual and his or her family as to whether to travel to any place at the moment in the circumstances.

To assist you in making these decisions the link refers you to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) Travel Advisories, which are published in respect of every country in terms of the safety of visiting them. You can find these advisories at www.smarttraveller.gov.au, and you type in the country of destination.

Any decision that an athlete or staff member makes about travelling to any destination will be respected by Volleyball Australia

There are beach volleyball events coming up in China in April, May and June. These are no doubt going to be discussed at an AVC Beach Volleyball Committee meeting next week, and also at an FIVB Beach Volleyball Commission meeting later next week. Volleyball Australia will be represented at both of those meetings