Volleyball Australia setting the scene for development!

In the past Volleyball Australia has focused its attention on Coach and Official Education and not on the development of our members. What we as a team have found is there is a lack of opportunities to gain experience, this is why, Volleyball Australia is now dedicated to the development of their coaches and officials.

Volleyball Australia is very excited to be launching their Foundation Courses for both coach and official online 12PM (EST) Tuesday 13th June 2017. This course will allow participants from all over the country to get involved and to start their development journey in coaching and/or officiating. It is important that we educate those who are vital in the success of our sport but it needs to be clear that education just sits within the development pathway and is not the whole pathway.

As a sport we would like to encourage all our coaches and officials to undertake our courses, gain accreditations and to keep them current. We are looking for those who want to develop and become the best in their fields. Development is ongoing, there is always new information and new experiences.

This year Volleyball Australia is offering 15 camps all of which include coach development as a part of the curriculum. We encourage all coaches to look out for these camps as they are located right across the country. The next rising stars camp will be held in Queensland in conjunction with the 2017 World League.

Opportunities for coaches and officials are increasing through seminars, workshops, events and scholarships. We have coaching seminars linked to each of our International Indoor events for coaches and we have increasing positions available for officials at each event. We would encourage that all coaches and officials look into these to expand their own knowledge and experiences.