Volleyball Australia receives Move It Aus Participation Grant to establish Light Volley

Senator Bridget McKenzie has announced the investment of $13.8 million #moveitaus Participation Grants, funding 52 projects to get more Australian’s more active, more often.

The Move It Aus Participation Grant Program provides support to organisations that are already delivering on the ground. Its aim is to be part of the solution to get Australians moving. The Program is to support the aspiration to make Australia the world’s most active and healthy nation.

Craig Carracher, President of Volleyball Australia, stated, “We are excited by this opportunity and grateful for the ongoing support and investment in Volleyball Australia’s participation initiatives.”

Through this funding, Volleyball Australia will implement its Light Volley initiative. Craig Carracher says, “Light Volley is an exciting new initiative that will be delivered through our national Discover Volleyball program. It is designed to remove cultural, social and economic barriers to playing volleyball and being physically active.”

“The SportAus Participation Funding will assist volleyball to target specific groups, such as women and girls, to remove inactivity barriers and improve their health, wellbeing and social connectedness,” Carracher said.

Light Volley is an ideal way for Australian’s to engage in physical activity, which can be played anywhere, at any time and by all abilities.

Volleyball Australia is excited to introduce Light Volley to Australia for the participation of all.