Volleyball history is in the making as the U19 and U21 beach volleyball championships are on their way at Cobram (VIC). Queensland athletes and twins Kayla and Brianna Mears, widely known in the volleyball community as two agile, highly skillful beach volleyball athletes are facing off against each other in a national tournament for the first time and as luck would have it - they are paired up with two athletes who are eerily similar as well. Kayla Mears is playing with Tara Phillips this season, a tall, high-potential athlete who is part of the Australian Volleyball Academy (AVA) program since last year. Brianna Mears is playing with Jana Milutinovic, another tall, high-potential athlete, who is also in the AVA and happens to be a long time friend of Tara’s, since both girls are Adelaidians. Which twin will win? And which AVA-athlete will be by their side? Tune into the livestream tomorrow at 8AM (local time) to find out!