D-Volley Commission

The D-Volleyball Commission is a permanent committee of Volleyball Australia set up by the Volleyball Australia Board to establish, develop, manage and promote Volleyball for people with a disability in Australia.

The D-Volleyball Commission’s Strategic Plan aims to provide guidelines for D-Volleyball in Australia through identifying strategic priorities.

The key values and principles of the plan are:

  • Leadership
  • Partnership development
  • Accountability
  • Empowerment
  • Sustainability
  • Continuous improvement

The Plan has a focus on Sitting Volleyball, Standing Beach Volleyball and Deaf Volleyball. It is the aim of the Commission to enable the person with a disability to participate in Volleyball in Australia from social to elite standards, from club level to the Paralympics.

The D-Volleyball Commission consists of the following members as at February, 2014:

  • Barry Couzner - Chairperson
  • Heather Brown – Deputy Chair and Sitting Volleyball Program Manager
  • Greg Ophel – Deaf Volleyball Representative
  • Nic Kaiser – Standing Volleyball Representative
  • Weiping Tu - Sitting Volleyball Representative
  • Nic Kaiser – Sport Development Manager

A number of Australians perform international duties for World ParaVolley:

  • Barry Couzner – Chair, World ParaVolley Technical Commission, Technical Delegate and Technical Official Instructor
  • Weiping Tu – World ParaVolley Coach Instructor, Level 3 Technical Official
  • Dr Stephen Giugni - World ParaVolley International Referee and Beach Volleyball representative on the Volleyball Refereeing Commission of World ParaVolley
  • Dr Andrew Davison - World ParaVolley International Referee and representative on Volleyball Australia’s Volleyball Refereeing Commission

Questions regarding the D-Volleyball Commission may be directed to the Sport Development Manager.